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Surgi Corp Intl (LTD) is a UK-based company which provides high-quality handmade Japanese barber hairdressing, surgical and dental products to national and international clients across the globe. We are privileged manufacture and retail quality products and would like to thank all of our customers, employees, and distributors for their continued support.

Surgi Corp Intl (LTD) has a mission is to be a premier Professional hairdressing, Surgical and Dental products company. We recognize that our first priority is maintaining positive customer relationships. We employ individuals who share our values and we foster a team environment that provides opportunities for career development. We provide a wide range of Professional Barber Hairdressing, Surgical and Dental products that best fulfill our customer’s requirements for quality and value. At Surgi Corp Intl(LTD), we take pride in our history as a long-standing, successful company, while working to improve the communities in which we live. Finally, we strive for continual improvement and design technology.

Our Mission and Core Values

To be an internationally Premier Hairdressing, Surgical and Dental Products company.

Our core values:

  • Recognize those positive customer relationships are our first priority.
  • Employ individuals who share our mission, foster a team environment and provide opportunities for career development.
  • Provide a wide range of surgical products and services that best fulfill our customers’ requirements for quality and value.
  • Take pride in our history as a long-standing, successful International company and work to improve the communities in which we live.
  • Strive for continual improvement.


“We are proud of our team and the passion they bring to Surgi Corp Intl. With our great products and great people, Surgi Corp is a wonderful hairdressing, surgical, dental products partner for our customers.” –Zeshaan Sheikh president of SURGI CORP INTL LTD.