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Surgi Corp Intl offers warranties on all of its Dental, Surgical and Veterinary Instruments. For more information on specific instrument warranty time frame, please visit the product for which you would like warranty information. You may also contact us with questions regarding our warranty policies; our technical service team is here to serve you.  You can check your warranty status in  “My Account> Product warranty status”. You need to create an account with us to view your order history and warranty status.

Surgi Corp Intl instruments are guaranteed for 6 years manufacturing defects of material and workmanship.  We will repair or replace free of charge any dental or surgical instruments that do not meet its functional requirements when used for its intended purpose and maintained properly.

Please note the following:

• Instruments that show wear from normal use are not considered to be defective and will not be covered by the warranty.
• Sharpening and repairing minor tip damage are considered routine maintenance and are not covered by warranty.
• Modifying or re-tipping an instrument or failure to provide proper instrument care, including proper cleaning and maintenance, may void this warranty.

WARNING: Do not expose resin or silicone handles to solutions containing phenols, glutaraldehydes, iodophors, dry heat or chemical vapor sterilization. See manufacturer’s recommendations for your Instruments cleaning system.

Limitations On  Medical Instrument’s Warranties

Surgi Corp Intl LTD. Disclaims Liability and is not responsible for the performance or replacement of any instrument that has been misused, modified or refitted in any manner or is beyond its expected life.

Surgi Corp Intl LTD. Disclaims Liability,  for damages caused by:

  • The use of Medical Instrument automated washer-disinfectors where manufacturer’s processing guidelines are not followed.
  • Use of incorrect cleaning solution, chemicals or procedure that is not recommended by Surgi Corp Intl.
  • Improper setup or incorrect installation of any product without following the instruction guide.