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Maintaining your Professional Edge:  

When it comes to caring for your Product of Surgicorp, you should not cut corners. Maintain it’s superior professional performance by following these simple steps:

Cut Hair Only: 

Cutting paper or anything else will dull or nick the blades and may cause permanent, unrepairable damage.

Avoid Hard Objects

Hard objects such as clips, combs, brushes and rollers can nick or damage the blades. After each haircut, be sure to wipe your blades with a dry towel.

Shear Storage

When not in use, your shears should be wiped clean of any hair or product residue stored in a  safe, dry location, out of reach of children.


Thoroughly clean your shears with warm, soapy water and dry with a clean, soft towel. Be careful not to cut yourself with the sharp edges. Make certain your shears are thoroughly dry between the blades.


After cleaning and drying your shears, carefully open to a 90-degree angle. Put one or two drops of top quality hair scissors lubricant into the “joint”. It assists the cleaning process by washing out dirt and debris from under the pivot and leaves a wax-like coating. It is best not to use oil, as it attracts dust, lint, and hair. (Do not use lubricant on your clippers; they do require oil.)

Adjusting Tension(Balancing):

Adjusting tension is an important part of getting the best results from you shears, lift the blade handle t to a 90- degree angle and let it fall. Your shears should close approximately two-thirds of the way. If it falls completely closed, the tension is too loose, and the scissors will fold hair. If it is too tight, it will cause unnecessary wear and user fatigue.

Testing for Sharpness: 

A dull pair of shears will be “crunching” the hair; progress to pushing the hair away as you are trying to cut; and finally, pulling the hair. Do not make the mistake of waiting too long to have shears sharpened. Cutting with dull shears can cause split ends for your client and hinder you from providing the professional cut you intend.


  1. Use a soft clean cloth and thoroughly wipe your scissors after every haircut.
  2. Clean, dry and lubricate your scissors at the end of each working day.
  3. Check your scissors for correct tension adjustment at least once per day.
  4. Check your blade edges for sharpness once per month.
  5. Handle your scissor with love and only use them for cutting clean hair.
  6. Store and transport your scissors in the protective case provided.


  1. Don’t use your Surgicorp shears when they are nicked from dropping.
  2. Don’t store your Surgicorp shears when dirty.
  3. Don’t “throw” your Surgicorp shears in a drawer when not in use.
  4. Don’t let your Surgicorp shears come into contact with any comb sterilisation, perm or colour solution; it may cause corrosion and other damage to your shears.